Words of affirmation

Gianna Caravetta | Opinion Editor | @giannacara I’m one of the worst at accepting words of affirmation. When someone I love and deeply care about greets me with any sort of compliment, I am instantly in dismay and unbelief. For some reason, I can’t find it in me to accept it as an expression of […]

Brace Yourself: Midterms are coming

Allison McInnis | Asst. Opinion Editor | @allisonmcinnis_ Midterm season is upon many of us, or for some lucky ones, already finished. You may be thinking that it’s the end of the world. University of San Diego students have all had that week in college: four midterms, two papers, a pile of homework and the […]

What does it mean to be a Christian?

Julie Lai | Contributor  and Gianna Caravetta | Opinion Editor | @giannacara “Are you a Christian?” This is the question a shooter reportedly asked to a classroom of college students at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Ore. They were college students, just like the students here at the University of San Diego. This was […]

Pope Francis: Christian Changemaker

Gianna Caravetta | Opinion Editor | @giannacara As a changemaker following Christ’s example, a ‘Christian Changemaker’ is called to be a humble servant of the good Lord above who leads by example and who is self-sacrificial love in action. The University of San Diego itself, with its Catholic mission and ‘Changemaker’ designation, is committed to […]

Nurse Kelley Johnson’s monologue inspires many

Allison McInnis | Asst. Opinion Editor | @allisonmcinnis_ Upon hearing the words ‘Miss America Pageant,’ we automatically think of long gowns, flashy jewelry, and women with interesting talents. It is not typically thought of as a forum for serious topic. However, this year proved our initial assumptions wrong. Kelley Johnson, Miss Colorado 2015 and former […]

On getting back to the heart of listening

Gianna Caravetta | Opinion Editor | @giannacara The very nature of hearing and listening are inherently different. Hearing is the passive action of perceiving an auditory message. Listening is the active process of making sense of a message. Hearing is involuntary and requires little to no effort. Listening involves being engaged in a conversation. Scientifically speaking, hearing […]

The California drought

Karl Stout | Contributor With climate change moving into full swing, California has been experiencing one of the most severe droughts on record over the course of a few years. The state has created many initiatives to save water and to reduce the impact of the drought. The University of San Diego is a community of changemakers […]

Put the phone down

Gianna Caravetta | Opinion Editor | @giannacara If you were stranded on a deserted island, and you only were able to take one item with you, what would it be? I’m sure almost all of you said that item would be your beloved cell phone. When we hear that question, our usual, instant response is […]

The hard facts of social media

Allison McInnis | Assistant Opinion Editor | @allisonmcinnis_ Let’s face it: we all do it. The time comes to write a paper, study for a test, or finish the chapters still waiting to be read, then all of sudden Facebook and Twitter start calling your name. Students at the University of San Diego are in […]

Freshman 15: fact or myth?

Allison McInnis | Assistant Opinion Editor | @allisonmcinnis_ Everyone has heard about it: the Freshman 15, the dreaded 15 pounds that the majority of first year college students gain. Turns out that students at the University of San Diego are no exception to this curse. Many variables have led to this phenomenon, such as the […]