Following Oregon college student, do USD students feel safe?

Ellie Smith | Asst. News Editor and Sarah Brewington | News Editor A mass shooting on Umpqua Community College’s campus left 10 dead and seven injured in Southwest Oregon, Thursday Oct. 1. According to officials, the shooter was a 26 year old male from the local community. The shooter died during an exchange of gunfire […]

New iPad system struggles to create desired efficiency

Elaine Selna | Contributor Skepticism is everywhere, especially when people try to innovate the old into the new. This was the case for several departments on campus. At the beginning of this school year, several offices, namely the OneStop Student Center, the Torero Store, and the International Center, implemented a new check-in system involving iPads […]

Everyday is meatless with new vegan club

Sarah Brewington | News Editor Dairy, meat, and eggs are just a few of the foods that vegans choose to exclude from their diet.   A salad garnished with cheese is what junior, Leah Wargo received at a student organization conference last year. Wargo is a vegan and was disappointed to discover the lack of […]

Tone of Catholic church revolutionized by Pope Francis

Sarah Brewington | News Editor The white robes of Pope Francis trail the floors of Washington D.C., the halls of congress, and Philadelphia among other locations on the Pope’s visit to the United States of America. The pope has made his first visit to the U.S., after being appointed to the position in 2013. Pope […]

AS elections encourage low student participation

Elisabeth Smith | Asst. News Associated Students (AS) held elections for new senators on Sept. 21 to fill residential life, commuter, and academic vacancies. Students could vote through their MySanDiego portals or at voting booth that was located on Maher Lawn. Students ran for 19 open positions within the College of Arts and Sciences, the […]

The pop-star pope

Sarah Brewington | News Editor The sensation known as Pope Francis gained more popularity overnight after he touched down in Washington, D.C. on Thursday. Since his debut in 2013, the pope has had a number of hit singles. His album entitled “Inauguration” where white smoke declared him the next leader of the Roman Catholic World, […]

FAFSA is now earlier and easier

Ellie Smith | Asst. News Editor The burden of getting financial aid lessened for college students with the White House’s latest announcement. The administration revealed major changes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in a press release on Sept. 13. These changes come from the Obama Administration’s effort to invest in higher […]

Despite 15 minute myth, students must wait for tardy teachers

Sarah Brewington | News Editor Students shift in their seats as the clock ticks ten minutes after the class period has started. The professor is nowhere in sight. Itching for those last five minutes to pass swiftly, students cross their fingers that they will not have class. Almost by a stroke of luck, it turns […]

Fire destroys professor’s old neighborhood

Sarah Brewington | News Editor Unaware and unprepared. Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, CA., received the short end of the stick this month, as rapid wildfires spread through their neighborhood destroying the beloved community. Harbin Hot Springs has been referred to as a hippie commune where people would retreat to enjoy the relaxing pools fueled […]

Fear the 14-year-old

Sarah Brewington | News Editor A clock was made in Texas. A teenage boy was arrested. And America’s paranoia was revealed to the world once again like a basket of dirty laundry. Two days after the anniversary of Sept. 11, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohammad was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his high school. The […]