USD welcomes new dean for the School of Business Administration

Brianna Harrington| Business Editor| @bnharrington   

The University of San Diego (USD) is ushering in the new academic year with a new dean of the School of Business Administration (SBA).

Jaime Alonso Gómez, PhD, was appointed the new dean for this year. Gómez earned his doctorate in applied economics and managerial science from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  

    Prior to his appointment as dean, he was affiliated with USD for over 20 years. He has served as a visiting faculty member, an executive education instructor, a co-designer of multiple joint international initiatives, a commencement speaker, and a board member of the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies.

As the new dean of the SBA, Gómez has a few things he is planning to focus on.

“As a school we will continue our focus on four pillars of excellence:

student centric teaching-learning dynamics, innovative and international experiences in the classroom and across all education processes in our school, relevant, rigorous and robust generation and dissemination of knowledge and best business practices, and

superb service and academic orientation from all of us in the School of Business to our students and business partners,” Gómez said.

 Additionally, Gómez elaborated on the type of students he will be targeting.

    “We will emphasize the education of socially responsible leaders that have a global mindset and ethical integrity across all aspects of life, and an agent of change attitude including intra/entrepreneurial spirit,” Gómez said.

Gómez’s influence spans outside the scope of USD and even the United States. He is the founding dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration and Leadership (EGADE) at Tec de Monterrey campuses in Monterrey, Mexico and Mexico City, as well as at a national level for the Tec de Monterrey System.

The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal have recognized EGADE as one of the top business schools in the world. Under his leadership, EGADE was able to institute a number of programs including the first triple MBA degree in North America and the first Latin American MBA certification program.

Gómez explains what it means to be an international management educator.

“It means having the opportunity to serve society, via education, with a global view,” Gómez said. “Having the opportunity to meaningfully connect our school with the whole world, and having the opportunity to see opportunities from many perspectives and possibilities.”

Gómez also has international experience as a professor, consultant, researcher, and board member across the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

He is a founding member of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRIME), and participated in several multimillion dollar fundraising campaigns to support new buildings and research activities.  

In 2005, Gómez was recognized as the “Dean of the Year” by the academy of International Business for leadership in international education.

     In addition to his local focus, Gómez will bring in an international perspective to strengthen the USD-SBA and help the unity thrive.


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